Our Instructors

Phillip Rocca


Phillip J. Rocca is the founder of the Company. Prior to founding Mindset Tactical Training Solutions, Mr. Rocca instructed firearms and taught tactics for the US government both in and out of the country for the past 12 years. ​

Other notable assignments held during Mr. Rocca’s extensive career as a Firearms instructor include, a contracted firearms instructor working overseas in austere environments and often times in high threat areas through out the world. He has taught, instructed, and mentored civilians, military and law enforcement in shooting and tactics throughout 4 different countries and all different skill levels. He held squad leader level positions while serving in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry rifleman and combat instructor.

A sample of his operational education includes: Basic Field Firearms Officer Course WPS/WPSII (BFFOC), Combat Marksmanship Instructor Trainer, Combat Marksmanship Coach, Department of Justice certified instructor, small unit leaders course. protective operations course, adult learning and educational instructing course, Risk Management, Integration Leader, High Risk Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and numerous other training courses and positions held from his  extensive career. 

Mr. Rocca holds clearances with the U.S. Government.

Marc Budreaud


From as young as he can remember, Marc has been hunting and shooting. Over the past 20 years, he has since emphasized perfecting these passions. On top of being an avid hunter and firearms instructor, Marc also enjoys his day job of educating those who are purchasing firearms and becoming new hunters. In the last 6 years, Marc has also taken up reloading ammo. He enjoys reloading ammo for many different calibers, including several variations for pistols, rifles, and specialty rounds. When he’s not working, hunting or shooting, he is regularly in conversation with his family and friends about anything and everything related to firearms, or you can find him making reloads.  Marc is well versed in all aspects of firearms and is a natural born leader when it comes to educating people in all stages of learning. Marc has been a member of the Mindset Tactical Training Solutions team since the inception of the Company in 2017. 

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